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Welcome to Miraloop Studios

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Dream Factory in Bologna, Italy

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We can work on all music genres

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For all type of media

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Music and Video

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More value to your track: mastering and production

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Also with Miracle: Miraloop's online studio

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Discover all the case studies: charts and placements

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Buy the studio gadgets

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Explore Miraloop Studios: Control Room

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Explore Miraloop Studios: Recording Room

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Explore Miraloop: Vinyl Lounge

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Explore Miraloop: Sofa Lounge

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Explore Miraloop: Green Screen Room

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Explore Miraloop: Open Space

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The art of
creating sounds

Registration, Production, Valorisation

Thanks to a portfolio that goes from contemporary to rock, from dub to EDM, Miraloop studios were created to allow maximum artistic versatility: support the record company with four independent labels.

Radio and Charts

The project to its full potential

Born with the production of records, Miraloop studios are dedicated to compete in the music market  online on radio and on television. More than one hundred rankings both national and international, a global sound.

Online Studio

Mix, Master, Online Post-Production

You can now try Miraloop studies directly online. A perfect mix of your tracks with a simple drag&dropMiraCle is the online version of Miraloop Studios. Available: Mastering and Mix + Mastering.


100 square meters dedicated to multimedia creation: sound, music, video and images

Recording Room

Recording Room

Control Room

Control and Production Room

Vinyl Lounge

Relax Room / 800 W DJ friendly

Green Room

Green screen room


150 square meters dedicated to marketing, design and multimedia

Mktg Area

Marketing & Design Area 

Sofa Lounge

Miraloop's Lounge

Some of our works...

From a portfolio of more than a 1000 tracks


Trip Hop



Dub | Western

Dub | Afro

Tropical | Deep

Dance | House Pop

Future House

Dark Pop

Hard Rock

Electro Pop

It Pop

Indie Pop | Rock

Dream Pop

Soundtrack | Piano


Ambient Electronica


Mix e Mastering Online, Post Production and Restoration Audio, Loop & Sound Libraries



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