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In the "Miraloop City" there are 150 square meters dedicated to the marketing, design and I.T areas. Seven workstations where the productive soul of Miraloop offers the opportunity to enjoy the potential of a company that is based on creativity. From campaigns to commercials, this space works in complete synergy with the recording studios to achieve small and big goals. Miraloop creates multimedia material with its own brand in the music industry and with third party brands in other commercial fields.

The Open Space area of the studios, dedicated to the offices, is the production area of Miraloop with seven workstations. One area is dedicated to marketing, one to the design and another one to the web. This is where the typical working day takes place, the video footage is processed and enhanced, the campaigns launched and the commercial part managed. If you want to see the potential of this area visit Miraloop Records, the record company of Miraloop and Miraloop For Brands, the commercial section.



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