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Miraloop for Brands: the B2B side of Miraloop

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Entertainment-born creativity for marketing, advertising and design

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Discover campaigns, Tv spot and more

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Discover products created and designed by Miraloop. Where they started, where they are now

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Discover photos and illustrations

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Elyca: marketing and communication in-house agency

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Turbo ADV: to win on Facebook ADS and Google Adwords

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Made in Italy

How Miraloop for Brands works

Miraloop produces multimedia contents

Audio and video, graphic 2D and 3D, photography and illustration, design

Miraloop's strenght is creativity. Thousands of tracks, hundreds of videos, entire hard disk full of illustrations, graphics, photography and multimedia. Maybe you've already seen or heard about us...before you even met us!



Elyca runs content on the web and on social media

Tell your story with Miraloop's marketing and communication agency

Communication plans for companies, individuals, brands. On social networks and more. For music and entertainment, tourism and food, for new sectors and commercial territories. 

Turbo increases spreading with online auctions 

The Miraloop engine for Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Linkedin Ads

A long experience of online auctions on different platforms and target users. A B tests multimedia content, positioning, web traffic for brand awareness and lead generation.





Discover Miraloop's portfolio for brands and companies



Advertising Commercials

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Advertising Video & Spot

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Sound Design

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Discover the Communication and Advertising services

About Us


Strategist | Copywriter | Art Direction

Graduated in literature and philosophy, musician and music producer, creator and artistic director of Miraloop, for the section For Brands works as a copywriter and strategist. Creative by vocation, he proposes an experiential marketing model where a fantasy without boundaries becomes the dominant approach on every project, in different types of sectors and budgets.


Designer | Illustrator | Photographer | Videomaker

Visual soul of the project, he trained as a designer in one of the most important design studios in Italy between product and transportation design, working for brands like Chicco, Alessi, Fiorucci. With Miraloop he also trained in entertainment. Director of content production, he provides his skills as a designer to communication.

Maria Luisa (Lulù)

Content Manager | Social Media

Project organiser and Miraloop content manager. With a background in Information Technology and film, she works behind the backends of the Miraloop, Believe, Google, Facebook platforms, crossing data with the utmost care of every little detail and helping the emotional and experiential marketing of the company to plan every achievable goal.


Programmer | Designer

The creative soul of the IT and design part. He trained as a developer, then as an entrepreneur in the computer industry, joined the Miraloop team both as a partner company and as a creative in the project For Brands, as well as music producer. He deals with all the innovative part of digital solutions.


Data Analyst | Web Development 

Entrepreneur at, commercial partner of Miraloop in the For Brands project, Porthos is the technical soul of the IT part. He specializes in the backend data and SEO with the utmost care of each type of customer. He currently maintains the servers of about 60 websites and is in charge of the crisis management department of the project.


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