Miraloop's Record Company, with its four independent record labels

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Only Miraloop music 24/7. Enjoy Miraloop sound experience

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Discover Miraloop Studios. Audio & Video. Also Online with Miracle

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FOR BRANDS                         

The power of Miraloop for companies and brands

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A little corner dedicated to gadgets and merchandising. Dress Miraloop! 

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Unveiling Visions

Welcome to the Loop

Record Company & Multimedia Hub

Miraloop is an Italian company founded by a musician and a designer. As an independent brand, it operates in the entertainment and art fields, with a record company consisting of four independent labels and a company radio. For external brands, it provides creative multimedia and advertising services. Creative talents or large companies, individuals or brands, our job is to give strength and value to dreams.

The World of Miraloop

Audio, Music, Video | Design | Advertising

Miraloop offers a world dedicated to multimedia. It owns four independent record labels, a backend software to manage royalties, a company web Radio and a small store. For Brands is the website dedicated to services: including an online recording studio for producers and three specific platforms for companies and brands: Communication, Adv and Design. Offline, the venue is located in Bologna, Italy and is equipped with a photo studio, recording studios and offices. 

Create: Spread

Digital handcraft to create and tell stories

Conceived in 2007 and on the market since 2008, over the years it has developed as a complete multimedia hub that has as its fundamental characteristic the artistic approach applied to commercial areas and vice versa. Miraloop portal offers multiple functions for a single purpose, namely to create, enhance and promote ideas and projects through multimedia creativity. Our own or third party's. With a strong link to the values of Unity, Passion and Research



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