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The idea behind and the short story of Miraloop Hearts, the heart of Miraloop Records

Miraloop Hearts, a pop label of the future

Miraloop Hearts is the label of Miraloop Records dedicated to pop, speaking in general - to songs; it’s also the most mainstream branch of Miraloop, however, embracing a revolutionary approach: it perceives pop music (rock, dance, rap) as an emotional flow, not as a segment of the market. Think about it, the majority of pop labels are major or big companies that work in the loop of famous people, TV appearances, huge concerts. Then we have Indie, very often afraid to be commercial and proposing trends, stereotypes, and clones in the emerging-band disguise. That’s why we wanted to tell a different story, create a small music world in which an artist can be born, in which he can grow, tell his stories and express himself. And later, why not, maybe become famous, but without having to follow the all-star market or the flood of the emerging-artists.

Obscurity. Sweetness. Irony and Dream. A thousand shades of a story you should fall in love with.

It appears in the world of hearts like Alice in Wonderland. Let yourself be enchanted by the melodies and stories of a music which goes beyond time and space and past ideologies and trends. Let yourself be captured by the electronic cover of “I Can’t Help Falling in Love”, which starts with a ballad and finishes with an electro-metal jubilation, let yourself be conquered by an album which turns ten music genres into ten songs, or by a new project born to break down barriers and old obstacles. The music you hear every day on TV, radio, internet tells you who to be. This time it’s you who tell us who you are, discovering your new self with a melody that turns your emotions on, or a song that you’ve never heard before. There’s a huge difference. Under the heart label you’ll find numerous diverse genres, all presented with the same spirit and energy. And for sure at least one is going to appeal to you. Discover the boundary between rap and nursery rhyme visting the obscure worlds of “Senza Catene” and “Notte di Foglie”. Fall for the drop of “Motionless”. Enjoy the new, electrifying, and powerful sounds. Deggae. Dream Pop. Shoegaze. Dark Electropop. Neosoul. Progressive Pop. These are just some of the worlds we’re thrilled to explore. Don’t be afraid, they’re simply new ideas.

The first years of Hearts, the story of a delirium.

Miraloop Hearts has been active on the independent market since the 2008-2009. It started with the immediate release of DNR, the European j-pop band, which thanks to an innovative production and a good tam tam, in just few months takes the place of Cinema Bizarre in Germany and Russia. Three years of unbeatable frenzy rock and electropop. So, all the independent labels are either rock-oriented and proposing clones of Afterhours, or historical dance- oriented ones on the verge of closing down or radically changing in order to survive. In those years music was almost dead, but we didn’t care one bit about that. Miraloop instantly positioned itself as an Italian electropop label and an anomaly in Europe, at the same time attracting projects and artists from North and South America. An innovative communication profiting from the absence of the majors on the new-born social networks, developed a community with more that 10 international fanclubs. The Gerolandia Express podcast, many stories to tell to kids, and, obviously, many songs.

An aggressive match, including also the little sisters of Miraloop Records, in which Hearts became an inauguration and a trampoline for launching many music projects. There are sweet and delicate songs, but also powerful and aggressive ones. In 2013, the first national chart comes from Italy with “Alieno” by Gerolamo Sacco: for the first time an electro-pop album by a songwriter arrives in the top 100 in the “all genres” chart on iTunes. In 2014 Hearts enters also Beatport’s top 100 in three different genre charts with the dreamy, melancholic hymn Magicamentemia. Julinoza, a dubstep jazz-woman, anticipates her successful participation in The Voice of Ukraine with “Where is Your Sky”. Crystal Crash arrive from Florence, led by Tommaso Pini, who later almost wins the “The Voice of Italy”, but is beat in the last episode by the nun from Universal. Crystal Crash’s new singer, Yaser, becomes popular in Italy participating in Amici. Geo from Hell has more luck with talent shows – he wins TopDj; TopDj is an awesome show by Sony, and it brings to Miraloop some club music productions four years later. Some albums, like “Broken Chords” exceed one million views in streaming. Devon Miles, known to the public by his appearances with Alborosie and his reggae band, decides to record his solo project with Miraloop Hearts in order to create a piece of a genre that changes every time and unites dancehall, soul, and electropop. Licorice, Laigor, Virginia, Anna, Nitai – some of the newest arrivals in our great family. “Invent my own music genre”, the artists keep asking to the production. Despite the Vatican (cit.) and Universal, we’ve managed to do something… and so far nothing’s been done about it.

Symbology: Hearts

Hearts are symbols of emotions. In the ancient symbology hearts represent fantasy, creativity, liberty, and the water element.

Where to listen to Hearts?

On the website you can find all the links to Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, and many others. Also Radio Miraloop offers diverse programs which broadcast songs from the most insane catalogue on the web. Here they are:

Miraloop City - Sweet Morning (All Miraloop hits: smooth selection) From 10am to 12pm
Miraloop City - Heart of Miraloop (All Miraloop hits: Pop, Rock, Dance, Indie) From 2pm to 5pm
Gerolandia Express (Gerolamo's mind Delirium since 1999) From 9pm to 10pm

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