Paolo Ingrosso, Alessandro De Francesco


Release date: 07/12/2011

Spoken word & Theatre
This work is the result of the meeting between electronic music and poetry. The voice of Alessandro De Francesco acts a lyric and it’s processed by Paolo’s electronic treatments. These readings environments, as they defined this project, belong to the main cathegories of performance and installation. Ridefinizione is actually the most advanced work supporting the wedding between sound environments and poems and it’s based on Alessandro’s writings between 2007 and 2009, which have been pubblished in several magazines and translated in six languages. The reading voice of the author enters in the Paolo’s Max/msp where it has been processed with reverbs, filters, overlappings, freeze ,morphing… These digital treatments give an augmented reading made by a complex net but, at the same time, a very refined and minimal interaction between voice and machine, performed in real time. Paolo describes his approach to Alessandro lyrics saying that electronic environment is a very aseptic context in which word becomes a sound image of itself without being “overcharged” with musical structures. This work has been recorded at STEIM center for research and development of instruments and tools for performers in the electronic art of Amsterdam, one of the European places of worship for electronic sound research. Read the article about Ridefinizione Berlin live in our blog.

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