Dominic Thibault

L’Instant En Vain

Release date: 15/08/2011

Electronica | Acousmatic
A great electronic oriented work compoused and performed by this canadian artist. This is an high quality trip, you have only to close your eyes and enjoy. “Nuit noire nuit grise” is based on various noises: first people talking, then an heartbeat comes in and becomes even louder until there is an explosion which breaks the composition. “L’instant envain” is an increasing clock sound with various backing-noises such as a ticking hands and several piano crescendos which end in tolling bell and quiet. Explosions in the distance. “Octobre” starts with human sighs and a quiet electronic melody. This excursus becomes louder and shouting envolves in a real sound carpet, supported by several noises. This moment reminds the better compositions of Alvin Curran. Listening to the ending part, you can notice how Dominic Thibault’s musical panorama could go over. “Develours at d’acier” is different by other tracks; there are drum, electric guitar and frequency noises breaking with the quiet of the main melody while the voices soffused end in a scream. It seems to be how a contemporary compouser would play death metal: very “heavy” musical moment with neverending electronic loops and environmental sounds. The closing part becomes “industrial” based, mantaining the contemporary background. Genius!

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