Albert Mayr

Tape for Live Musicians

Release date: 14/04/2009

Electronica | Acousmatic
Albert Mayr is one of the greatest exponents of Italian avant-garde music. This work is compoused by three tracks: “Tape for live musicians” (New York, 1971); “Tape for live musicians” (Firenze, 2007) and “So Konnte Es Geschehen, So Oder Ahnlich 1′′ (Toronto 1969). The track “Tape for live musicians”, compoused in the early seventies, during the teaching years in Montreal,is an example of musical composition including live instrumental improvisation and the free use of the musical part, fixed on a tape. The work is propoused in two version, a historic one, dated 1971 (New York), and a very recent one. This last version has been made by the “Tempo Reale” center of Firenze in 2007, and it was performed by Francesco Canavese and Patrizio Barontini with the sound direction of F. Giomi. Miraloop re-discovered this song and this artist and released it in 2009. Francesco Giomi was at Neon Gallery, Bologna playng Tape for Live Musicians (12-9-2009).

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