Andrea Portera

Spettri Crisalidei

Release date: 28/11/2008

Classical - Contemporary
The composition begins with a sort of noises, a sax and a spoken voice. This musical moments symbolizes a fight, a fight for life; by the way, what a chrysalis means for “the end of the world”, it’s a “butterfly” for men! Chrysalis is only one of the four transformation bringing to a butterfly. An egg become caterpillar, then chrysalis and, at the end, a butterfly. This has a great meaning because an egg makes an extraordinary effort to become a butterfly, to live just for few weeks! It seems to be a teaching for men, the unveiling of life meaning: transformation! The work is focused on this horn section and it was performed by the Academic Quartet: soprano sax, alto sax, baritone sax, tenor sax. It was recorded in Rome, S. Cecilia, on December 2004 and re-discovered by Miraloop during 2008. Another great step into the classical music world.

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