Andrea Portera


Release date: 13/11/2008

Classical - Contemporary
Simply the Andrea Portera’s Masterpiece! “Cube” is a work whose meaning is related to the dice’s six faces. “Birth”, “Childhood”, “Adolescence”, “Adult age”, “Senility” and “Death” are the six faces of a dice, a life that begins, grows up and ends with an explosion of energy. The whole work is written and compoused by Andrea Portera and it’s magnifically performed by the Tokyo philarmonic orchestra, with the conduction of Chikara Iwamura. The recording was in Tokyo Opera city hall and the work won the 2nd prize “Toru Takemitsu awards”. So a great success of a great work which, as we have seen, has reached a lot of importance in a country such as Japan. “Birth” is a triumphal growing of sounds and suggestions; the following of musical parts seems to tell a mysterious road to light, to life! “Childhood” has a great notation, a brilliant composition meaning life discovering. A little bit of magic, a little bit of immagination, as in a old aged tale. It’s a succession of sounds blinking to the main music line. “Adolescence” is a concentrate of musical stimuli. It seems that each of these stimuli is linked to the other, and so on; it’s like a magic chain having no end “Adult age” seems to be a reprise of the previous ones but with a lot of passion. Listening to this work you can breathe the ups and downs of life, the happiness but the responsibility obscuring the thoughtlessness of a child. The begin of “Senility” is a minor chord for sure and this is already meaningfull. The succession of musical parts is a little sad and mysterious, while the main melody is sometimes accompained by percussion kicks, as in a march towards the unknown. “Death” is a triumph of energy. An explosion of life. As opposed to what it could means, in this composition death is presented as an escaping of life energy: there is nor pain nor sadness but light, not religious but pantheistic light. “The score is full imagination. There are fresh musical effects and the orchestration is very detailed and refined. Also, the notation was superb. The second movement was especially wonderful. The structure of the whole piece was well organized…” said Akira Nishimura, talking about Andrea’s work “Cube”.

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