Gerolamo Sacco

The Renaissance 3 – To the Stars

Release date: 05/12/2014

Indie Pop Rock & Alternative
“The Renaissance 3 – To the Stars” is the third chapter of the “Renaissance Saga”, the compilation of the italian artist Gerolamo Sacco, who we find here as producer, arranger and singer (together with 2 girls, La Rose e Moira) of the 12 songs. “Renaissance 3” is an exploration of a creative world without limits, going from Edm to dubstep, from 100bpm-songs that made mr Gerolamo popular to…the most powerful pop-rock music, passing through pure meditation trips and experimental electronica. Here, the Italian Renaissance is not the main musical key, but a sort of inspiration between dreams and reality. Ancient musical structures are just “an excuse” to give us sounds and melodies coming from a near future. A sunny, funny, positive future. Containing 2 previous single releases, “Born to Shine” (in a new version) and “Magicamentemia”, plus 10 surprises. Have fun! Read Gerolamo Sacco’s Interview on our blog. On December 6 The Renaissance – 3 placed n. 2 on Italy’s Albums sales Chart!

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