Gerolamo sacco feat. La Rose

Hiroshima Mon Amour

Release date: 02/12/2014

Pop - Dance
Hiroshima is romantic, passionate, warm. An unforgettable song. The song, duet between Gerolamo Sacco and the incredible La Rose, was presented for the first time 3 years ago in the album “Gerolandia Express” (Gerolamo’s interactive podcast), first season. Now in a new dress, magic and enchanting. Good to listen, good to dance. A great answer to all the EDM global scene but in French language…sang by two italian guys! The song talks about two lovers that cannot stay together anymore… an allegory of human being and the fight between good and evil, a romantic melody you’ll never forget. Never. Je vous embrasse! Read the article “Hiroshima Mon Amour – The Impossible Love” on our blog.

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