Gerolamo Sacco


Release date: 07/09/2013

Indie Pop Rock & Alternative
#Alieno (Alien) is the story of a magician who, a long time ago, invented a time machine to impress his audience with a new magic trick. This allows him to end up in the nowadays sky . How could a man of another era describe the ages we’re living in? Everything can happen, from alien invasions to muses that accompany the bewitching #Alieno during the trip. A theatrical representation of the reality that we live every day. Perhaps there won’t be “aliens who play the blues ” (alieni che suonano il blues) as in the song, perhaps you will never go dancing the twist on the white face of the moon, but it’s just a matter of days. We all live here, in the world that #Alieno describes, while his awareness grows up and makes him stronger and stronger, he learns how to act, and react, in this world. Until he finds himself, rather than love and joy. The album ends with #Alieno enjoying a reality show where people are sent on spaceships in order to be observed, but instead they play the game, and do whatever everybody expects, he takes possession of the ship and disappears, for the second time, from the eyes of all, flying off in search of new worlds. And the story begins again. Not only an autobiographical journey of the artist from Bologna Gerolamo Sacco, perhaps the story of us all, in recent years, in our countries. As Gerolamo says: “I am convinced that (almost) everyone , at least once , made a “big magic”, something impossible to think of , but achievable in the end. Everyone fought battles, got mad or felt different, once in a lifetime . Everyone has his guides and inspirations. I have Caterina in my mind, some have “Tila Tequila” and Milena Gabanelli (italian reporter, ndr), but the point is the same . Everyone goes “out of time”, whenever he wants. Everybody knows that outside their living rooms there is a world that often has rules that do not always coincide with their own. Everyone is a dreamer, if they let themselves go. Everyone here is an alien, if they really want to be themselves!” Musically speaking , these 21 songs are made using completely different styles, from genre to genre, all united by a narrative electronic stream and through the touch of a true artist who knows how to put himself, his poetry and his message into everything. Gerolamo is not only the release manufacturer, but also the performer and singer of all the songs, except for the female voices that appear (Gabriella Monte, Moira Zanetti , Ariella). A journey that finds its roots from blues music to rock and roll, from the cosmic afro Italian dance, dub and English dubstep to reggae and hypnotic crazy freakyness that we call “Electrotwist”, together with Italian traditional songwriters, including Fabrizio De Andrè, Franco Battiato and Edoardo Bennato. Probably the first record in the history of Italian music where the world of dj-producers and the one of the traditional italian songwriters meet in one person. Do not miss it! Read Gerolamo Sacco’s interview on our blog. On September 6 Alieno is on iTunes Italy’s Albums sales chart.

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