Gerolamo Sacco

Born to Shine

Release date: 31/12/2012

Pop - Dance Indie Pop Rock & Alternative
Born to Shine, it’s a dreaming fly over the time, the enchanting voice of La Rose it’s like a soft caress on your face. The sound it’s an old fashion scenery with an electro-hi-tech touch. A world of ideas, sounds and rhythm, not conventional, outside the pop, outside the dance , outside the EDM hits.. That’s the work of Gerolamo Sacco. Try to think about a Disney movie of ’20 (obviously 2000), you think about a movie, music, endtitles: the result is a heavy carpet of bassof sidechain, a sinuous melody.. Born To Shine! Singing in three languages, french, italian and english, written on 2002 and presented for the first time on the podcast, Gerolandia Express is finally published at the end of 2002, after ten years, two versions (one short and one extended for djs), one instrumental and one acapella. The single Born to Shine it’s extract from next Renaissance volume 3, the third chapter of Gerolamo Sacco’s Saga. Have a nice trip!

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