Release date: 27/01/2023

Indie Pop Rock & Alternative
The first single with Miraloop by Mediterraneo, authorial project with the voice of Roberta Giallo and Malavoglia in a duet that tells a feeling "stronger than love". A passionate fan, a charming artist, and the meeting that changes the history of both..

Vento is the feeling that a passionate fan feels towards a very fascinating artist. One day he meets her during a performance and the succession of events convinces him that she has "chosen" him among the many in the audience. That already strong feeling becomes even more intense, but in that moment, torn apart by the inability to be able to give it a name, it is as if it were deprived of it, as if she were running away from him. He knows that it can't be love, nor is he able to accept it as simple veneration, so he decides to call it "Wind" due to the impetus by which he is overwhelmed.

Roberta Giallo: I'm a singer-songwriter, I tend to write and perform my own songs... but when I received the email from Mediterraneo with "Vento" in it, accompanied by the message, "Hello Roberta, do you want to make the wind for us?", I was intrigued. So I listened to the piece, and I was invaded by a caressing well-being, a very pleasant sensation. I said to myself, “Why not? this song is authentic, I feel it close, it's genuine!”. Moreover, the idea of being the Wind fascinated me a lot… it is something mystical, the Wind is invisible, but very powerful! Then, since it was a Yin and Yang duet, when Mediterraneo asked me if I knew a good performer, I immediately thought of the voice of my dear friend the singer-songwriter Malavoglia. He was the one! I trusted my intuition. Then I put a few small “yellow” brush strokes in the text… and boom, here is the Wind! And may it be yours too, may it take you far, far away!

Malavoglia: When I heard the audition of "Vento" for the first time, I still didn't quite know who he was, "what" he was. I just knew I had to hear this track. The day before she had called me Roberta Giallo: she wanted to involve me in a project where she, in turn, had been involved. She just told me, “listen”. I listened, and I found it interesting, far from my writing, ethereal, almost dreamy. Then Roberta told me about the "Mediterranean" project, telling me that she would have liked to duet with me on this piece, that I was "the right one". I said yes for two reasons. The first is that the name "Mediterranean" immediately brings me back to my Gargano sea, my Puglia and my Tremiti Islands... the second is that this very distance from my artistic world led me to approach the piece, as “a new challenge” to get involved in a new role, that of an interpreter. I went to the Miraloop studios in Bologna, and we enthusiastically recorded my parts in one afternoon, together with the artistic producer, Gerolamo Sacco. I put my own, my Ma La Voglia… I really liked the result. In “Vento”, I see myself again. I'm very happy to have taken part in this project, who knows if it's just the beginning of something new.

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