Release date: 31/03/2022

Indie Pop Rock & Alternative
Imagine finding yourself in a room with the women of 90s-00s rock, transport them to 2022 and you have Freeeda with R*evolution. A record full of soul, rock, vocal power and emancipation! R*evolution was born from a need to rebel against everything that is imposed on us by society in the form of pressures, structures or superstructures that are built on us to conform. The single What I want is an exhortation to find ourselves and what we really want without being manipulated or persuaded by what surrounds us. This means being able to give voice to our humanity, feelings, passions, pains and be crossed as in Heaven, Joy, Love you too. We all have a soul that wants to express itself, it's time to free it and live all the emotions in music as in No rules, a hymn to freedom. Freeing yourself from schemes and preconceptions is not easy but it leads to the greatest freedom, being yourself, expressed in Wanna Be Me.

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