Le Strade

Release date: 09/07/2021

Indie Pop Rock & Alternative
In our lives, the streets are the setting for many encounters...and clashes. Friendships, loves, laughter in front of a glass of wine and the constant search for authenticity. At every crossroads we have the opportunity to discover someone with a story to tell, there are those who can join our journey and those who decide to say goodbye and take another direction. And despite everything that may happen, we must continue to move forward, never interrupt our journey. Through these 12 songs we want to take you on a journey that may lead you to explore unknown terrain, but also return to paths already beaten to scrutinize them with a new point of view. And why not, some self-discussion may also take place, to better understand who we are and where our steps may take us. This album can become a map to disentangle ourselves from the traffic that flows through us, in search of secret hiding places now forgotten and new paths that can lead us to the hope of an authentic life.

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