Cruvan feat. 2AB

Where Are You Now

Release date: 02/07/2021

Techno & Co Progressive House - Melodic Techno
Ivan "CRUVAN" Crucitti debuts with Miraloop Clubs along with 2AB with "Where Are You Now". A dancefloor single with an essentially Tech House flavor with several progressive influences, split in two by a hypnotic and powerful vocal break. The collaboration between CRUVAN and Miraloop was born in honor of Antonio Bellantoni, the artist -who passed away in July 2018- who released four albums with Miraloop under the experimental record label Miraloop Spades. Ivan's brotherly friend, Antonio Bellantoni is the trait d'union between CRUVAN and Gerolamo Sacco, who dedicates the 2AB project to him by signing lyrics and melody of the break of "Where are you Now". A dedication of friendship that brings into the family a new sound, the unmistakable style of CRUVAN made of powerful basses and strong grooves that make you move and dance.

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