Release date: 07/05/2021

Electronica Prog - Minimal
The fourth album of the artist Junio is raw, powerful and innovative. Style: in 2021 we say it combines lo-fi with electropop between trip hop and downtempo, but in the eighties this was pure Detroit techno, à la Juan Atkins in the days of Cybotron. The ingredients are analog synths and distorted vocals, simple hypnotic drafts, and the vision of a world that doesn't exist, reassuring and shocking at the same time, strong enough to immerse us in another dimension. In the story Junio creates a sort of connection, a Link in fact, with this alien robot and imaginary friend, in the scenario of an end that seems near: our friend loses contact with the universe, wanders in the desert, fails, challenges everything he has always believed in until he reconciles with the world and with himself: a kind of techno "Little Prince"! Made of 12 tracks, it contains the singles "Reconcile" and "Clear Me" and 10 unreleased tracks, including 3 featuring from the Miraloop Records lable: you will find Licorice in Reconcile, Emgy in Sweetlife and Gerolamo Sacco producer of the album is also the singer in the hypnotic Oasis. We wish you a good listening and we throw you a challenge: Juicy Melon for 60 minutes straight!

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