Senatore Cirenga


Release date: 19/03/2021

Indie Pop Rock & Alternative
How can a young man take back the reins of his life, during this 20s years made of uncertainty and fears? This is the question Senatore Cirenga asked himself while writing Semantica, his debut album. "Before I started writing this album I wasn't really aware that I was venting an existential crisis in my music. I've always resigned myself to reality, highlighting in my mind the absurd contradictions of living which, purified from the anxiety of having to solve them, are also quite funny. In the end, even though I was talking about my traumas, processing them through music had given me an excuse to laugh about them." It starts here, with these premises, on these terms: those who want to see where this is going, will have to follow. Semantica is meant to be the programmatic manifesto of an artist who seems to be intent on exploring all that is explorable in songwriting, a path that is anything but easy to exhaust. The message to the listener is quite transparent, despite the abundance of metaphors: life without art would be unbearable. And Cirenga himself does not spare the incursions and quotations: from Italo Calvino to Lucio Fontana, from the Portuguese literary exoticism to Britney Spears. A hymn to art that is never dreamy or cloying, but rather disenchanted and sarcastic, always with an eye on those who have little or nothing in life, and who are in some way the voice of a generation that must come to terms with existential precariousness and with the consequences, even psychological, of the repeated crises of the system.

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