Francesco Malaguti

Faust und Netflix

Release date: 18/12/2020

"Upon hearing Gretchen's voice, Faust decides to take his own life. There is neither soul nor body, it remains only Gretchen and the innocence of the World" ... Can you imagine what Goethe's Faust would be like in 2020 in a TV series produced and distributed by Netflix? Faust und Netflix is a cinematic soundtrack, a visionary album of 14 composed tracks by Francesco Malaguti who tell an alternative Faust in which Margherita (Gretchen) is the protagonist and heroine of history. Perhaps human or perhaps ginoid, Gretchen will win on Faust and Mephistopheles in a world dystopian, gothic and futuristic at the same time. The music of this imaginary TV series, between reminiscences of ancient music and strong industrial-noise influences, track after track sketches both characters that the events in a breathtaking succession, without failing to mention the greats of the Italian soundtrack like Moroder and Morricone. A 360-degree portrait of the multifaceted instrumentalist and composer from Bologna, who ranges from electronics to solo guitar with total ease and signature together with the artistic producer Gerolamo Sacco "Gretchen's tale", opening and closing of the record.

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