Gerolamo Sacco

The Renaissance 2 – Destinations

Release date: 11/11/2011

Indie Pop Rock & Alternative
The music of a semi-real dream. Electronic minstrels are playing for Lorenzo De Medici under big, enormous psychedelic candles. Gerolamo bring modern music in the italian Renaissance mood. Trying to do what the ancient people would do with new instruments and possibilities, he bring us and to our present times an extraordinary crossover experiment. You’ll find everything: XVI century atmospheres on dance beats, electropop and electronica baroque music in an original mix of influences and sensation. With an eye to past, an eye to present, both looking towards the future. More than a music composition, we’d call it a painting. A painting that put a new light on our times with thousands and thousands of colours! Editor’s note 2013. The sound mixture of this work is one of the most complex you can find in electronic music. We think that the idea of obtaining a standard volume level ruined the dynamics. The same author Gerolamo would like to re-sing the tracks. Be ready for the new, necessary, re-mastering of this LP, very soon!

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