il Baskerville

La Rivoluzione / Statistiche

Release date: 23/10/2020

Indie Pop Rock & Alternative
il Baskerville has many souls: playful, tortured, meditative, the list is long and remains open. With La Rivoluzione and Statistiche he gives us two of them, the melancholic and the obsessive. Under a veil that can evoke the freshness of the first Bersani, for its agility and irony, Statistiche (with the voice of Elisabetta Previati) projects us into the electropop world of a calculus freak whose only way out is to break into the chorus of a loving partner. A sigh of momentary relief that projects il Baskerville and the listener to more carefree shores, in which the calculation disappears, in which we end up - as the final tail blow says - to count for nothing more. In La Rivoluzione, instead, we discover a softer Baskerville, a bit like Diodato, less agitated in the sounds and words of this bittersweet song to the missed opportunity. And the surrender in front of the unlived love story is immediately rendered in front of the revolution, external or internal. Yet il Baskerville sparkles, shines like a constellation of that universe from which it tells us to disappear. And its light captures the eyes, ears and heart. (notes by Abel Mololopo)

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