Matteo Milani feat. Walter Marocchi

Songs Of The Water Spirits

Release date: 10/09/2020

With Songs Of The Water Spirits, the original soundtrack for Nicolò Bongiorno's film of the same name, Matteo Milani and Walter Marocchi score a standout point in their long artistic brotherhood. The visual and musical narration takes the viewer/listener on a journey through the remote Indian region of Ladakh: an ancient yet fragile fragment of the Himalayas that climate change and global issues are constantly putting to the test. Nature's fragility and strength are evoked in the score through the combination of timbre elaborations and electronic inventions that meet the now roaring now gentle touches of electric and acoustic guitars, enhanced by epic wind instruments and angelic vocals. A soundtrack for eyes and ears to reach remote times and places, and to remember us that our planet needs to be listened to.

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