Inside Insane Insex

Release date: 07/11/2011

Indie Pop Rock & Alternative
Inside Insane Insex is the only one work from Insex band. The story begins with Domenico “Mantis le Sin” Curigliano, Vito “Vigos” Napoletano, Alessandro “Alex” Torchia and Gerolamo Sacco at the end of 2009, when Mantis and Gerolamo leave DNR, band launched by Miraloop Hearts during its 1st year of activity. The guys play to be insects, an ironic game about Visual Rock scene: there is the Spider (Alex Torchia), the praying mantis (Mantis), the dragonfly (Gerolamo). The start, happened in february of 2010, is incredible: thousand of plays on the web (more than 30.000) in just one month for the first single “Pray Me. Suddenly the DNR feel the Insex as competitors, so they bring Harris Ghouse, event organizer they elected as personal manager to “defeat” Hearts family, to write the fans (one to one) “don’t listen to the Insex”. Harris and DNR will not have happy ending. Christian (Ex DNR member) said us the story finished with a fight in a dressing room. That’s all folks, but the story of Insex is not going to an happy ending, too. As Luca Carboni (italian songwriter from Bologna) says… “le band si sciolgono” (bands “thaw”, like an ice cream); it’s a rock music tradition since Rock music dead

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