Valentina Marra


Release date: 29/03/2019

This album is a musical journey that probes the human soul weaving lights and shadows, in a plot of stories, which start from wounds, from different forms of pain. Mankind, humanity, opens the way to the first tracks in which the labours of the human being resound, the illusion of empty well-being, the desire to control life, the immobility of death. In the song Ophelia, which gives the title to the album, a gap is opened, the wound becomes a slit. The feminine knows how to cross pain and regenerate herself. Universe then leads to the energies of nature, to the relationships of which it is made that, if recognized, reconnect the human to other living beings. Sounds awaken the soul that, in Nemo, confirms its desire to make its voice heard, even when someone tries to silence it. The last track is dedicated to Marielle Franco, the vitality, courage and thirst for justice concentrated in a woman, whose dream is celebrated with all its liberating power. "Ophelia" is an album in which the female reassembles the sensitive, stitching the wounds, giving birth to a new human heart, able with its vital rhythm to build a different story within the plot of the world.

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