Waiting For Kodama

Release date: 26/04/2016

Electronica Prog - Minimal
‘Waiting for Kodama’ is the EP that announces the first album by Brist, stagename for Fabrizio Savio, italian electronic producer and synth-maker. This EP walks across real and unreal worlds through electronic synths and organic electronic sounds, anticipating the release ‘Kodama’ by the main tracks and the relative remixes (in Japanese philosophy Kodamas are the natural spirits of trees with supernatural powers). The borders between real and unreal is defined particularly with the track ‘Wandering Mind’, in which the artist figures the condition of a Japanese Geisha that, not being able to escape her daily duties, dives with her mind in an unreal world, unfortunately at the end she is submerged by the reality of her situation. An unforgettable journey in organic electronica, through sounds inspired by Japanese culture and a really interesting concept!

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