Insex Me

Release date: 15/04/2010

Indie Pop Rock & Alternative
This is the first Insex release. We were waiting for it since Mantis le Sin broke with DNR and announced a new musical life with Gerolamo Sacco & Co. This is a great rock/hard rock stuff with some electronics. The single “Pray me” is simply strong, hard, sweet, hot, warm and I’m sorry if I forgot something about it. Just listen to it, if you love Him or something like that you will have a surprise. And pay attention to the baroque vocal counterpoint at the end of “Pray Me”. “Insex me” is one of those releases that can produce a lot of feelings and sensations, really depending on what kind of person you are: the influences of this music come from different music world. For us an amazing fact, that makes Insex me a really original rock production. Write us what you think about. The release contains Pray me the original electro-metal trip, “Pray me” (I love you but fuck you anyway version), the slow ballad version while the other song is “Come to me”.

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