Ethiopia Ringaracka

Black Magic

Release date: 28/11/2014

Ethnotronica (World)
Ethiopia Ringaracka is a Miraloop Spades experimental project that brings reggae music to its afro/dub dance evolution in an electronic key, mixing African tribal music with the Caribbean rythms. Ethiopia Ringaracka is the most powerful expression of Afrofuturism in music. The voices of african children and a pure voodoo sound, something dedicated the origin, or the future, of this world. An irresistible rythm that takes back the roots of nowadays dub music together with the tribal rituals, those ones as ancient as the forests and the deserts of Ethiopian lands. 100 bpm. Syncopes. Rolls. A crazy, magic trip. Black Magic is a record dedicated to wizards and …to all the djs able to pump up a dancefloor starting slowly, so slowly, because after that there it will be possible to play everything; dancehall, afro, pure dark reggae, electronica, Edm. Create a voodoo doll of your “best friend” and it will be very, very funny. Ring-a-rack, Ethiopia!

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