Analogy DGT


Release date: 16/06/2011

Electronica Downtempo - Trip Hop
Travelling in space remaining at home is not an utopia. “Analogy DGT Cassini” is an album with which you can do it! It’s compused by 5 parts, 5 perfect piece of a puzzle, of a bigger universe. The Cassini’s experimentations envolve in electronic music, of course, but I noticed deep roots in the first Pink Floyd’s music. If I had to describe it with only one word I would say “atmospheric”. The flux of the tracks is dominated by pure backing sounds…you have absolutlely listen to it on headphones! Even in part 3, when the rythm becomes more “disco-oriented”, the sinphony doesn’t stop giving a particular sense of quiet and eternity…magic! This is the best drug your ears want to be addicted with. Trust me when I say that you have only to close your eyes and let the music bring you to deep space. This is not just experimental music, This is Music! Stay tuned and ecstatic with “Dragan Tosic Cassini”.

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