Pancake No Control

Release date: 19/08/2009

Glitch & idm
What’s the real American Dream? Surely a huge pancake that materializes and falls straight on your head. It’s not a joke. “Pancake No Control”, Click’s album, has its cover drawn simply as I just said. The dense work is made up of sixteen tracks. In all songs there are collaborations between many artists that have worked very closely, like Francesco Tumeo, Francesca Martinelli, Anna Leonardi and Silvia Buoso. Francesco Tumeo is the writer of all songs except from ” Genfris The Red Cat”, which is written by Anna Leonardi. The main genre of this tough project is electronic. The emblematic sound of electro pop is easy to identify. The right combination between keyboards, sound programming mixed with women’s voices is a good choice. A very special new entry in this album performed by Click is the amazing appareance of Ping Pong Galaxy at acoustic guitar. Don’t miss it!!!

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