Visual Evolution Reloaded

Release date: 17/08/2009

Indie Pop Rock & Alternative
DNR are Marco “Kira” Stasino, Enrico “Sieg” Vandelli, Ash, Mantis and Christian “Delord” Carlino. DNR’s Visual Revolution is a work containing four tracks and two remasterings of the previous version Visual Evolution. The band ideated by Marco “Kira” in 2005, has been re-created and promoted by Miraloop Hearts in 2008/9 and finally, after 4 years, boys are running: 5 amateur (nobody of them is a musician for job) musicians from a garage to third european visual rock band in only 1 year. How they did it? After the first recordings, Gerolamo Sacco has the idea of following Cinema Bizarre’s path and produce all the tracks that way. Thanks to this, after a first start performing at Alcatraz (Milano, Italia) one of the biggest northern Italia rock clubs, Visual Evolution is ready and on myspace.com the band overtake the 20.000 plays, bringing CB fans to DNR. In winter 2009, live events manager of Cinema Bizarre in Eastern Europe Harris Ghouse book DNR gigs and the guys go crazy: they became famous. In this album you’ll hear all their 4 songs, with the special featuring of the producer Gerolamo Sacco that signs the finished versions as official remix, performing all the keyboards of the album substituting Delord (performing just on live gigs) with an unique electro touch that makes a pendant between the “metal based” background with the J-rock one, the two souls of the original project. The main feeling listening to the tracks is a full-power sonic invasion. The other interesting point is Mantis Le Sin at vocals, because he sings with a tonal character that reminds Ville Valo, but with a strong italian accent you’ll never forget. But this album is interesting also for the novel tha’s behind it. While I’m reviewing this work, the bassist Kira has decided to run alone with Sieg and Ash. The frontman Mantis Le Sin asked to the producer mrDragonfly (Sacco, ndr) to keep him alive creating a new project able to continue the work begun with DNR, and he answered “yes”, fact that makes unhappy Kira that does not want competitors, but engage someone directly from Cinema Bizarre. This is why we’ll never see DNR in Miraloop Hearts again. The band will be called DNR Dreams not Reality instead of DNR. But now just run this EP, and enjoy the first italian visual rock release. (Vince Bacon).

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