Gerolamo Sacco


Release date: 24/04/2015

Progressive House - Melodic Techno
The progressive house summer bomb of 2015 is Rigatoa. Enchanting, lovely, addiction risk. Dance music groove with strong club beats and dreaming break before a very strong drop, united by a touch of magic: summer 2015 will be hot…Just play this song and send us a postcard from a cold – tropical space! An unknown language discovered somewhere and somehow by the wizard Gerolamo Sacco, the 3-voices of “the alien” Neila, for a single release containing 2 great versions (an extended and an edit). Rigatoa seems to be the record you all were waiting for, because Rigatoa is a strong EDM with sweet and tropical taste, so original to be ready for a new trending dance sub-genre: progressive and deep, sweet and strong. Surely new and highly creative dance music, frequency setting the standard for house music to come.

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