Visual Evolution

Release date: 13/11/2008

Indie Pop Rock & Alternative
The DNR’s Visual Revolution is a work containing four tracks and two remasterings. The featuring of Gerolamo Sacco is a characteristic of the reloaded songs. The main DnR’s sound has a “metal based” background with a little bit of J rock. The main feeling listening to the tracks (expecially the reloaded ones) is a full power invasion. Mantis Le Sin, at vocals, performs amazingly the melody with a tonal character that reminds Ville V alo. Gerolamo Sacco has addes a lot of background to sound, with his electronic stuffs, filling the poverty of the original sound and really making the difference. Those DnR’s songs are very cool, such as “Sick sick sick lives”, which had been originary called “Six six six lives” by the song writer Mantis. While I’m reviewing this work, the bassist has decides to run alone, without the frontman Mantis Le Sin….but don’t worry fans, we keep listening to his wonderful voice with INSEX, maybe with one of his song….stay tuned!

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