Ivana Busu

Ultimo Mozart EP

Release date: 28/12/2011

Electronica | Acousmatic
Ultimo Mozart EP by Ivana Busu is an amazing work between traditional composition and poetry. “A proposito di Cooper” starts with a spoken part with Ivana’s voice. Then electric sounds come in, supported by an ethnic background with a litany in a language I don’t understand which seems to be an African idiom. It’s evident how the main theme of this track is based on a dramatic event; wars and murder resound in the whole composition, even if the repeated voice with delay/echo effects and electronic noises try to make hard the meaning of this work. “Ultimo Mozart” begins with an environmental backline wich is rarely broken by electronic noises and “liquid” sounds. Then an increasing noise comes in; it becomes louder and louder until it is perfectly dominant in the scene. It seems to be the sound of glasses filled with different amounts of water. Then the “intro leitmotiv” comes back to the scene, and is interrupted again by electronic noises and liquid sounds.

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