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Zendo, alias of Gianluigi Oliva, debuts in Miraloop with a pop dance track, which takes you back to the cabaret era but in a modern version.

"Gianluigi Oliva, aka Zendo, was born and raised in the province of Brindisi where, in the 90's, he took part in the indie scene in Brindisi, first with Ordinaria Follia and then with the project Albe Meccaniche (with which he won the MTV Tuborg On Stage competition, playing in Catania as a backing band for Mario Venuti).Since he was a teenager, he became fond of recording techniques and, in 2002, he studied and graduated as Audio Technician at the SAE institute in Milan. Here he works for a couple of years at the production studio of music for advertising Quiet, please! by Ferdinando Arnò.

He returned to Apulia in 2006 and collaborated with Cesare Dell'Anna's 11/8 Records in the role of sound engineer/arranger/composer. In the meantime he works as a live sound engineer around Puglia and as a live musician with various bands. From 2010 to 2014 is an audio technician at Mixermedia. At the same time he resumes the activity of music writing, producing and writing for Francesca Miccoli the song "Deja Vu", finalist in the competition Capitalent and later published by CDF records with almost 500,000 views. He continues to collaborate with various artists, in addition to the already mentioned Francesca Miccoli, including Angela Garzia (the song Clichè), Giovanna Paola Ariano (Senza Via Di Fuga) etc.

In 2021 he decides to produce again for himself under the pseudonym Zendo, nickname "stolen" from a book by Johnatan Lethem "Brooklyn without Mother", some new songs that see the presence of some singer friends, including the very young Martina Di Florio and Angela Garzia."


Penelope 2.0

Zendo 20/01/2023


Black Cabaret

Zendo feat. Martina Di Florio 25/03/2022




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