Yellow Atmospheres


Duo handpan and harp recreates sound worlds that combine the classical tradition of the harp with the ethnic tradition of the hang. Kairos debut album!

The project created by the duo was born a little by chance and a little for fun, the goal was simply to be able to combine the sounds of these two fascinating instruments, harp and handpan. From the beginning, improvisation proves to be the key element: initially it is essential to allow the experimentation of sounds, rhythms, atmospheres, etc. and then flow into more structured compositions at a rhythmic and melodic level, remaining, however, the common thread that unites all the songs; we move continuously from moments clearly structured and defined rhythmically and melodically, to others where improvisation and freedom of imagination reign.
Always in the wake of sound exploration, the idea of inserting other timbres and instruments is also developed: the sound of the kalimba creates a totally particular atmosphere, suspended and timeless, which magically combines with the plucking of the harp and the harmonies of the handpan.
The objective of the duo, composed by Riccardo Rea and Andreaceleste Broggio, remains the experimentation, the research of new timbres and new instruments, new musicality and atmospheres.



Yellow Atmospheres 23/12/2022


Cinematica Vol I (Myths)

Various Artists 13/05/2022



Yellow Atmospheres 19/07/2019




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