Savi Vincenti

Dj Producer   

Savi Vincenti is a Dj Producer from Gallipoli, known as Dj Resident at Riobo (Lecce) since 20 years. First collaboration with Miraloop is for Anymore Remix

SAVI VINCENTI was born in 1979 in the heart of the Mediterranean, in Gallipoli
(Le). His first musical experiences in radio allow him to love all kinds of music.
His DJ sets range from house to pop, from rock to techno. In October 1998,
Savi wins the prestigious certificate of Dj Communicator and Speaker at the
CET (European Centre of Toscolano) of Giulio Rapetti, alias Mogol. For 20 years
Savi is resident dj of Riobo Fashion Club in Gallipoli - one of the most popular
nightclub in Salento - and he's the protagonist of Riobo on Tour; throughout
Italy. Among his latest works we can find BLUE produced in partnership with
Danilo Seclì, SMILE produced with Tello. In 2016 Savi Vincenti produces SALE
the first lounge compilation inspired by Salento


Anymore - The Remixes

Geo From Hell feat. Alessio Ventura 01/10/2018




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