Music Producer   

Researcher of new sounds he loves to experiment with melodies and synths. He debuts in Miraloop Records - Clubs with the catchy track Wolf with Nila

Redef_ is an italian producer class 1995 based in Milan. He starts making music in 2010 under the name of "Montana" producing Hip Hop beats.
In 2015 he starts a new project on his own, he starts producing EDM in addition to hip hop and change his artist name in "Redef_".
His debut track 'Essential' was released in March 2020, this track marked his entry in the world of electro music.
His skillset includes songwriting, arranging, producing, piano/ keys, vocals, mixing and knowledge about everything that's related to synthesizers.
In addition to this he deals with the production and implementation of colleagues' tracks, modifying and improving them.
He really likes to experiment, He is always looking for new sounds to create a new catchy alchemy for his tracks whith large use of melodics and synths.



Redef_ feat. Nila 03/07/2020




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