Monna Lira

Cantante | Performer   

Opera coach and singer, she makes her discographic debut in an unusual contemporary opera by Paolo Ingrosso. Gives life to the project Monna Lira in 2021

Monna Lira is the pseudonym of Sara Gamarro: Italian soprano, composer and vocal coach, born in 1981.
She made her professional debut in the Jazz scene when she was still a teenager, guest with Fabrizio Bosso and Nicola Stilo in an album published by Splasc(h) Records. After two diplomas at the Conservatory and twenty years between the world of Opera and that of classical-contemporary and experimental music (between Bologna, New York and her native Puglia), the artist is reborn into the Rock scene as Monna Lira in 2021, with the project of an album of new songs. In the same year she is a finalist at Sanremo Rock and releases her first single - Cobalto (Il Momento Più Bello dell'Anno) - with the record label Miraloop Records.


Cobalto (Il momento più bello dell'anno)

Monna Lira 06/07/2021




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