Kakawa is an explosive project born from the meeting of 3 musicians: Frei Rossi, Dario Giovannini & Devon Miles. They debut in Miraloop with Ule Kusonga

Kakawa is the name used to identify the plant from which cocoa fruits originate.
Kakawa means source of sustenance, life for all the indigenous people of the equatorial belts of the world, and at the same time it is transformed, through a process of contamination, into something that the whole world knows in various, multiple and tasty forms.
As with food, the creative process of music draws inspiration from the earth, from the roots, from the origins. In symbiosis with nature and through man, between spirituality and divinity, sounds develop, contaminate and arrive in new forms in every corner of the globe. Rhythm, music and song for the benefit of every living being.
Kakawa is an explosive, hybrid musical project born from the encounter between three musicians: Frei Rossi (producer), Dario Giovannini (multi-instrumentalist) and Devon Miles (singer).
Frei is Italian, Dario is of Japanese mother, Devon is Nigerian.
All the members of Kakawa love and are influenced by the sounds and music coming from the geographical areas of cocoa (South America and Central Africa).
In Kakawa's music, as in the cultural and geographical influences of its members, remote spaces and times coexist, a whole compressed and articulated sound world, from the sounds and chants of initiation rites to drum machines, from percussions to synths, from guitars to samplers, from south to north, from past to present.
Between hybrid imaginaries, between geographical, temporal and aesthetic extremes, the project unfolds and articulates itself, without a place or even a precise time.
Kakawa is a "once upon a time" that extends between the various extremes of the globe.
A genre that could be defined as World Electro Patchanka.
Kakawa use many languages to tell their stories, which speak of respect for nature, travel, discovery, festivals, peace, love: French, English, Nigerian pidgin, Afrikaans dialects, Italian, onomatopoeia, words borrowed from indigenous religious rituals.
The sound is defined in the studio phase by producer Leonardo "Fresco" Beccafichi (Jovanotti, Frankie Hi-nrg), in effect the fourth member of the band, who manages to ferry this sound caravan towards more Urban and contemporary shores, revealing and amplifying the most liberating and emotional aspects of music, dance and celebration.
Kakawa has released an ep containing three tracks and the debut album is expected in 2022.


Ule Kusonga

Kakawa 26/07/2021




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