The young singer-songwriter debuts in 2019 with Miraloop and the single Your Shirt, which immediately conquers the iTunes Alternative chart.

I am Irène, I am 19 years old and I come from a small village in the province of Treviso. My passion for music was born early: I grew up with the classical music and the greatest classics of the '80s because mom and dad respectively listened to them often. When I was 9 I learned "hey soul sister" by The Train, my first song in English and I kept on singing it every day standing in front of my mother's stereo. I started playing guitar at 11, for years I saw my brother playing and I imitated him, but I was too shy to want to go to class so my mother decided to sign me up and from there it all started (thanks mom ❤️). I started playing a bit of bass, ukulele, guitar and, self-taught, keyboard. I wrote my first song when I was about 12 years old and I never stopped. I started singing at home, while I was playing, to accompany me, and I sang in public for the first time with the band from the music school when I was 15. I had the pop period, then the hard rock, then the pop rock and the alternative and indie rock, exclusively English. I've always loved rock, it gives me a sense of authenticity and charge that few other genres can give me, I love the music of Ac/Dc, Greta Van Fleet, Nothing but Thieves, Arctic Monkeys (and many others), I love the music of many artists, but in my playlist there are mainly male voices, like Dan Owen, Isaac Gracie, or female ones like Bonnie Tyler and Patti Smith. I also love the musicality of the English language and the fact that I can create songs in English right away, without going through translation. I don't specifically have someone I look up to, but I appreciate a lot of artists like Fil Bo Riva, the path he's taken musically and in his career, even though it's not such a long one.


Your Shirt

Irène 29/11/2019




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