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Who is Anna Voig: the interview (part 2)

Data di pubblicazione 15/06/2018


The new single is called Stelle d'Estate. What is it about?

The second track, "Stelle d'Estate" is the second chapter of my story. If in the first chapter there was the awareness of internal emotions to bring "afloat", this second piece tells how I'm trying to transform them.

Stelle d’Estate che, bruciano in bilico” (Summer stars that burn in the balance), on the woolen thread of my identity that is questioning itself. The thousands of lights around me, the summer stars in fact, are precisely the emotions I want to transform.

Questioning yourself is never something you do easily, you often find yourself alone, in the emptiness of a room a bit dark, where the only words come from the walls that surround you, walls that bounce and amplify your thoughts, in a vortex of energy that is not always easy to manage ... A wind that often, can only caress your eyes ... To wipe some tears.

Many doors will continue to close when you just touch them, but you must not be discouraged, you must continue to believe in yourself, there is no hurry ... Only in this way you can try to fly a little more up, over the fog.

The narration behind Anna Voig, what do you mean to listeners that in music you don't say?

Anna Voig is my stage name. I am Giovanna at the registry office.

Anna Voig therefore is like an artistic reflection, she collects what I can express through my emotions and my inner world. It is as if it were Giovanna's mirror, in every sense.... Do you know what happens when we look in the mirror? The resulting image seems the same, but it is not, it is the opposite, it is specular. Overlapping the two mirror images, they do not correspond, even though they are generated from the same single material.

That's how it goes between Anna Voig and Giovanna... Apparently they might look like two different names, but try to read them the other way around...

The basic message, therefore, that in music is more difficult to convey, is precisely to look at things from different perspectives, enrich their points of view, think everything and the opposite of everything, because things are never just black or white, do not always go from left to right.

We have the most beautiful country in the world and yet we persist in being so markedly foreign... Anna Voig is very Italian then, even though she seems the opposite! Reflect on this concept. Moreover, we can be strangers to ourselves, while continuing to be ourselves. Inside we have a kaleidoscope of colors, a prism that if hit by light forms a rainbow.

Does music need heroes? What is an artist missing today, to give a message?

As I mentioned earlier, I think we all have a bit of a responsibility towards Art, and therefore also towards music. Both as listeners and as producers.

I would therefore like everyone to become a little hero in this sense, being aware of the message he carries through his artistic expression. Awareness generated by that enchantment of the soul, which succeeds in making an artist succeed in provokeing/generating in other positive and satisfying sensations.

It is this spell that an artist needs, especially one who works in the field of music, because music is a world that in itself can move those resonances that have the power to change people's minds and actions.

After all, the term spell etymologically means singing... It is man's first magic, the genesis of the impossible that passes through the intonation of the voice, through the choice of verbs and the rhythm of the breath on which the sound is based.

A Miraloop artist that particularly impressed you?

In Miraloop I discovered artists of the highest value, very attentive to the artistic quality of the productions. This makes me extremely proud, because being among them can only make me grow. One breathes extremely positive energies and one perceives that they all work towards a common end. In addition, I have seen the professionalism, seriousness and competence that it is very rare to find elsewhere. I'm honoured and enthusiastic that they welcomed me into the team, and I hope to be able to collaborate in the creation of wonderful things with them.

It's difficult to name just one Miraloop artist who impressed me, there is really plenty of choice ... But if I really have to, I really like Gerolamo Sacco. Expertise, preparation and incredible sensitivity are just a few. He intrigued me with his "Bambina del futuro" and conquered me definitively with many other songs, including in particular "Bonjour Tristesse", "Notte di Foglie", "Sei Come Me". I also like Laigor and Virginia very much in "Stories at Midnight". Virginia's fresh voice is wonderful and gives me a unique sense of carefreeness. Then I also listen to Leo Sestili and Antonio Bellantoni, they manage well to accompany several of my moods.

A cultural scene that struck your imagination and a cultural scene from which you detach yourself?

I certainly don't like all those cultural scenes in which the artist's exploitation is evident and excessive. Especially those contexts in which entire television programs are made practically at a cost of 0, where the participation of artists is encouraged to compete with each other in exchange for a hypothetical career of success and a bit of visibility "that counts".

Once those who organized the show had to - rightly - devote a large part of the budget to the artist who went to perform, now instead have found a way to completely cut this chapter of expenditure. Winged vaults!

So far nothing bad, if it weren't that the television format proposed, aims to make audience not through the artistic skills of the children who participate, but through dynamics of clash and competition that have very little artistic, but that passionate the public. A public that will remain convinced to watch music programs, when instead it is only watching entertainment and that, little by little (not even so much now), will lose the ability to distinguish and choose.

Conversely, I am interested in all the cultural scenes in which Art is sublimated, in all its languages and purposes. Those contexts in which the artist experiences himself through the art he makes and which he is sharing with the public. Generally this happens every time the artist preserves his authenticity, when he has a message to transmit, even implicitly. Maybe he doesn't notice it, but he is giving emotions and sensations that will hardly last the time of an applause, but rather, will settle into the deepest layers of the unconscious of the viewer, leaving him an emotional tattoo that will indelibly mark the growth of his own personality.



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