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What is Miraloop Clubs today: 6 EDM labels to launch a unique project

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 14/12/2012

Have you ever heard of goa parties like Goaland and Andrenokromo? Techno parties for six thousand people like Magnetik and Underworld that have gone crazy in Northern Italy in recent years? Do you know Underground Area, the leading label in the Italian d&b scene? Do you know who is a partner of Art of Trance, the only Italian trance party if we exclude the sporadic lives of Tiesto & Co, and you have seen Hell Records climb the world charts Nu-Disco in Beatport?
We are about to introduce you to the very young Miraloop, who in the dance/club/edm division called Miraloop ♣ Clubs (and we have personally appreciated the play on words between the flowers of the deck of cards - in English "Clubs" - and the "clubs" as nightclubs), which is made up of 6 independent labels each one specializing in an electronic music genre.
The labels Miraloop ♣ Clubs are in random order King of Clubs Records, the "king of flowers", electro and break, Queen of Clubs Records, the queen of the sinuous harmonies of trance music, a genre that with TATW has conquered the world, one of the few trance labels all Italian and partner of Art of Trance, Jack of Clubs Records, progressive house and minimal, Ten of Clubs Records, the label goa - psy Italian leader in partnership with Mk Records, Hell Records of the dj producer Geo from Hell, and Underground Area of Dj Ferro. Together they form a team that since 2011 has published almost 100 digital media (Itunes, Beatport & co) and physicists of Italian and international artists among which stand out the names of Bonnot (already collaborator of Assalti Frontali, Inoki), Dj Ferro, Michel Lavie (one of the top sellers between progressive house and trance in 2009 with Elia Casetti Orchestra) Imago, Rastaliens, Peace Ka of the European psy scene, Geo from Hell (top 100 beatport with 2 releases Miraloop, apotheosis Nu-Disco), Gerolamo Sacco, according to many the most original Italian active producer, also known as home singer Hearts (sister of Clubs, of course), Matteo Scaioli of Percussion Voyager and various other names from different countries such as Trux from Portugal, Lamda from Athens and many others. After the proper presentation, what amazed us was not only to see a small and very young Italian Armada, but the quality and sound of all the productions, which in our opinion touch the excellence with the d&b of Underground Area and the trance of Queen of Clubs Records. Considering that the best way to make you know this reality is to make you listen directly to the many productions made in less than two years, here are the links from the site

Not having the space to show you now all the productions by Miraloop ♣ Clubs, and also because we have just started to shoot them, we link three video clips that in our opinion summarize well the ability of the group to work so different genres of EDMs:

We have covered Ne Voglio Ancora, Private Show and Minilogue Story at least ten times. They are very different from each other but in their field of real hits, to regardless of the rules of a market still too US oriented. And if you don't mind the musical heterogeneity as long as it's good music, you can take a look at the mother brand, a multimedia company where a Japanese mascot will take you around the whole deck of cards!

Giuliana P.



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