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Wasted Planet #1 - #22 Al Genres - iTunes Italy

Data di pubblicazione 27/03/2020

Today we want to talk about Wasted Planet, a masterpiece of music made for films which gathers together four unreleased songs that never appeared on the big screen in a dystopian tale where sound engeneering and creativity blend together into one thing. Wasted Planet, by Matteo Milani and Giovanni Dettori, is not the debut of Miraloop's composer: in fact, Milani himself, head of U.S.O, debutes with Miraloop in 2018 with a remix of Never Get Old by Pablo Ort. 

The record by the Milanese not only reaches the top of iTunes charts in Italy, but it also gains the 22nd place of the Best Selling Albums All Genres. A huge success for Miraloop Diamonds, the "precious" label of Miraloop Records which was able to obtain an important result even if it results as the less prolific label at Miraloop. After all, quality is what actually matters, isn't it? Here are the screenshots!



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