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Waiting for "Alien", the new single by Gerolamo between Battiato and Lady Gaga

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 15/11/2012

What would happen of the most refined Italian songwriters and the violence of the most freaky electronics met? Gerolamo Sacco, singer-songwriter and visionary Italian composer, a plasmist of experimental notes and poetry, is pleased to present his new album. After Gerolandia Express, a dreamlike journey that harmoniously mixes Italian song, electro-pop and the energy of dubstep, “Il mondo intorno a noi” is based on an elegant melody centered on the distance between Ego and the surrounding reality. The notes are mixed with words that are subtly provocative, pungent, rational and calmly ironic. “Come quell’uomo immobile che sembra ballare il Twist“. We have chosen in the press kit, which we attach at the end of the article, to ironically represent a double face between Franco Battiato and Lady Gaga, it seems to us the best way to represent the new musical path of Gerolamo. We don't want to say a word about the lyrics and the meaning of the song, but you can get it from the cover, so that the music can speak. The World Around Us will be another excerpt, after Somebody Else, from the album ALIENO, soon on Miraloop Hearts! 

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POST SCRIPTUM: the 2012 version has not been published in full on Youtube for commercial reasons. So let's replace it with the 2013 version taken from Alieno, which is the same remastered version.
And here's the press kit that will intrigue you ... pulling a smile.



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