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Visirun for Sole 24 Ore

Data di pubblicazione 29/11/2016

Visirun with Il Sole 24 Ore and Radio 24 has a collaboration as an advertiser on several fronts: have you ever heard Visirun's commercial on "La Zanzara" by Giuseppe Cruciani and David Parenzo? You will have fun to find a little piece of Miraloop For Brands on Radio 24, in the commercial breaks: you will recognize the same voice that recites the sound-logo "Visirun" in the voice of Radio Miraloop. Today, however, we want to dedicate an article of our blog to the campaign created for the special "Tecnologia del Sole 24 Ore" dedicated to technology. The campaign, created to tell the relationship between the Visirun software (GPS technology to reduce costs for transport companies) and the sustainability of the planet. The illustration depicts the Earth in an iconic, cartoon-like dimension, where the symbols of the technological world revolve around the GPS system. A drawing made by combining a series of small and large hi-tech images that can be transferred even in a large print: a combination of vector and illustration that we love to use to make especially the record covers, appreciated by the Italian software production company that commissioned us the work. Here is a small gallery. Enjoy!



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