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Visirun Champions League Commercial (20'' Mediaset)

Data di pubblicazione 24/11/2017

Visirun | Champions League Commercial 2016 | (20'' Mediaset) from Miraloop on Vimeo.

The spot has been realized for Mediaset on the occasion of the Champions League 2016-2017 and its advertising slots. This spot, which has the characteristic of being made in only a few days, is born for being an immediate and catchy narration about the organizational possibilities of the software. Visirun is a GPS software for monitoring company fleets and, in the narration, the software is used for organizing a company mission in Cardiff, where the final of the Champions League 2017 has taken place.

The work was principally made by using montage, like computer graphics and post-production, as well as music, realized ad hoc to increase the adrenaline effect, and all this was done to obtain a simple and immediate narrative effect, suited for the fast rhythm of spots broadcasted during this sports event. The voice, intentionally pressing, is by Sandro Manzali.

The spot received several compliments by managers of the Italian A-series from the day after the transmittance in television.



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