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Viaggio Astrale by Keller n 33 on iTunes Top 200 Alternative chart

Data di pubblicazione 18/10/2018

In un mondo surreale...sto compiendo un viaggio astrale... Thus begins the second single of "i Keller", discographically called Keller Band, the group from the Triveneto that is messing up the way of doing "indie" in Italy. This time merging the progressive rock of the 70s with the sounds of electronics. But not that vintage intellectual electronic, which would resume anyone who wanted to make good progressive rock in 2018: but the one that makes move the European dancefloors in pre-evening. Between synthetic and cold sounds, low frequency beats reminiscent of dubstep combined with warm ballad guitars and voices warmed by analog preamps, the perfect mix comes with meditation. We're talking about a melodic song, in Italian. Whether you remember the 70's or the 80's, Viaggio Astrale sounds hyper modern, almost science fiction. And it's a successful experiment because it is positioned, at the beginning, at number 33 of iTunes Alternative Chart in Italy. That it is a good omen for the band of Padua to be known in the world. We wish the best to the 5 guys (who have just closed a summer tour of over forty dates) and thank their fans who bought their copy of the last single. Thanks from all the staff Miraloop!




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