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The 'Turntable' of Miraloop Clubs: the vinyl experience on Youtube

Data di pubblicazione 29/07/2015

Miraloop Records-Clubs presents on Youtube the vinyl experience in a modern way. An idea to musically capture the eyes of those who want to be captured, not only musically!

Let's discover together how it was made.


The virtual turntable, with attention to detail, represents a modern technological turntable. The logo of the record label flashes in time with the bass sound surrounded by a bright light that starts from the beginning and lasts until the end creating a final LED circle. A real play of lights also present in the play and cue buttons. The cover imprinted in the record is surrounded by a mix of lights that are interconnected with new and highly creative music. The logo of the label is visible on the outside of the turntable characterized by black shades while the logo also present on the record portrays once again a strong bright color that together with other features is the protagonist of this work. An enchanting background that of Rigatoa where the risk of depending on hypnotic lights is assured, where the implementation of this technique of work presents a touch of magic together with the strong rhythms. A progressive and deep graphic vision, sweet and strong where many details combine together to create a modern image with a sweet and electronic taste.



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